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Is this festival connected with the Everybody Digital app?

It is an extension of the brand, but films/shows, etc. on the app are in no way automatic entries into the festival. So, in that way, the content of the app is completely separate.

If my film is already on the Everybody Digital app, do I need to resubmit it for consideration into the festival?

Yes, to be fair to everyone submitting, there will be no automatic entries or selections even if your film is already on the app.

Is this a live event or online?

The Everybody Digital Film Festival is a live event!

Can I submit a film that has already screened at another film festival before?

Yes, we will be accepting films as long as they meet our criteria even if they have been in another festival before. Exclusives and premieres can be noted, but they will not necessarily be given any preference.

Can I submit my film that is already available to watch online?

The point of the Everybody Digital Film Festival is to bring as much exposure to your film and all of the hard work you put into it as possible. We want as many people to join you in watching your film on the big screen AT the festival so we ask that once your film is selected, you make the film private through any online platforms until the festival is over so it encourages people to come to the live screening.

Do you accept web series and digital series?

Yes, we accept both! Pilot episodes are great, but any episodes are eligible with the same rules applying across the board as with “traditional” short films being submitted. We suggest that you submit the episode that best represents your web series – one that gives the audience some context of what your web series is about overall and would entice them to watch the whole series!

Will we have a chance to network with other filmmakers?

Yes, most definitely! This is a huge part of film festivals and we want to provide the best platform for this to take place!

Will there be multiple screens playing films at the same time?

Absolutely not! We are only playing films on one screen so as to promote all the attention and focus on YOUR film. We don’t want people spread out and to have to pick and choose which films to support and miss out on others. We want ALL EYES on your film!

Will you guys help promote my film before the festival?

Yes! We will definitely be promoting your film (once selected) on our social media accounts using any stills, posters, etc. that we can get from you. The more marketing materials you provide to us, the better!

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